After Making  over N3M+ Profits in 1 year…Billmah boldly declares that she can teach you web design in 7 days.

“My No Code Web Design Trainings Will Make You Design Your First Website In 7 Days.

  • Setup Costs ⇒ N5,000 or less 
  • Laptop and Internet Access Required.
  • Zeal to make real money online.
  • Live support available.
  • For an absolute beginner.

And I will refund your N5,500 in 1 week if  you are unable to design your first website.

160 Students Enrolled

Here Is Why ...

SO, INSTEAD Of "Complaining & Struggling" Like This...

  • watching endless youtube videos on creating websites and getting more confused.
  • Being scammed by the so called gurus.
  • Not having enough money to pay your bills.
  • Getting frustrated over the best ways to make money online. 
  • Wasting unredeemable time, doing trial and errors.
  • Going broke and not knowing what to do about it.

Allow Me Show You How To...

  • Consistently Show you how I make more than 300k monthly designing no code websites.
  • The fastest and easiest way to build websites in 3 days.
  • The whole process of building professional looking websites without coding.
  • How to get your first web design clients that will pay you above 100k.
  • The profiting side of web design.
  • How to setup your portfolio as a beginner.

So You Can Be Like Panashe in South Africa  who designed her first websites in less than 7 days and got a client to pay her even as an absolute beginner and other students who gained enough value from my live sessions.


Let's Be Clear On ONE Thing!

Do not expect to get results without you implementing what I teach in the course...

Look, I do not want to waste your time and I believe in transparent & honest marketing even if I get fewer students as a result. 

So I will like to start with a disclaimer. 

If you think you can start without a laptop, you are a joker!!! 

How will learning this skills elevate me from poverty?

Good Question and...

What you'll DISCOVER in this course will blow your mind.

After 5 years of roaming around the internet space seeking for ways to earn legitimately. I have come to the conclusion that....

"EVERYONE needs to learn a digital skills. Period"

The truth be told, isn't it better to be your own boss working from home and at your own terms, than to be subjected to suffering and still being paid PEANUTS.
You can argue all you want but...
The only way out is to learn a digital skill like web design and be good at it. So clients will have to beg you to take their money.

Why do you need to learn this skills in 2023?
Two strong reasons I will give.

1. It's highly profitable and in demand 

2. Location is not a barrier.

But Franca can I really build a website in less than 7 days? 
Yes you surely can.

I will refund your N5,500 if you are unable to design your first website.

What If I Tell You...

  • That most of the big brands websites like vogue, cnn news report websites and over 42% of websites created uses a cms called wordpress which I will teach you.
  • What if I show you how much you can earn from no code websites in a month?
  • What if you can have a support system that will help you through this journey? Will you back down or take action now for an amount less than your monthly data.
  • What if you start now instead of regretting later why you never did what you wanted.

Join the web design classes for beginners now before the price shoots up in 72hrs.

This course is worth more than the price you are currently seeing, and there will be a price increment if you are still delaying to take action. 

Pay N5,500 TODAY.

And it comes with the…


If after implementing what you find in the video and you still cannot build a website in 7 days. I will refund you 100% no questions asked.

Here's What You'll Learn.

  • How to set up domain name and web hosting with cpanel.
  • Where to create virtual cards for online transactions.
  • Knowing the business side of web design.Websites to get your first web design clients.
  • How to get clients to trust you even as a beginner with no portfolio.
  • Updates of courses regularly.
  • Two weeks of support.

How Will The Courses Be Delivered?

The trainings are in two ways.

1. Pre-recorded Video Lessons.

2. Live Classes Once A Week For 1 Month on Telegram.

If you are convinced, join now, as you will be added to the next batch.

How To Enroll

Since you are convinced, kindly choose one of the two methods of payments and you will be redirected to the payment page.

Please Before You Pay, Read This First

The web design course is not to make you a programmer as this is beyound the scope of this course.

It is mainly designed for absolute beginners with no coding skills.


 Please if you do not have a laptop do not bother buying. The course will be updated regularly.


Now, Here's What You Need To Do

You need to make a payment of...

N5,500 TODAY

or N15000 by Sunday Next Week.

You can do this either via bank transfer or with your Debit/Credit Card.

However you’ll need to provide some information like your email address.

Here’s the process:
For Bank Transfer (Nigerians Only):

For Card Payments:

Its a similar process too...simply click on the button below.

You'll be redirected to a page where you need to pay with flutterwave option. 

Who's  Billy Franca ?

and can I trust her?

Billy Franca was just like you some 5 years ago. She is the brain behind the Billmah Academy.  She founded Rimosite, a platform that was created for artisans. An entreprenuer who resides in Abuja, Nigeria. Is this enough or you want to contact me directly?

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