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Why You Need To Learn Web Design

The two most strongest reasons why you need to learn this skill is because, its a global skill and you can create your own digital product. All this offer you the opportunity to earn both in Dollars and in Naira.

You have the opportunity of working with international clients andm you will be able to create a profitable blog for yourself and clients.

Keep in mind that many visitors won't watch your sales video or will scan through some of the text before deciding whether to watch it or not. For these visitors, it's very important to have a way to find out whether your product is really suitable for them or not.

Why I am Selling My Knowledge To You and Why It Can't Be Free.

Ater NYSC, I moved to Abuja to find greener pasture, but unfortunately for me I never saw any. It's either the pay is too small or I have to pay millions to get government jobs.

So I was fed up after trying for over 6 months, so i decided to learn how to create websites. I spent only a month and decided i was ready to take on jobs and guess what? My first pay check for my first job was N150,000. Whaaaatt?  I got to design a website for a landscaping company and was paid that much money as an amature? OHh heavens

Note: As as I realized that I could work from home and earn that much. I added more efforts to perfect my craft. 

I started getting referals from my clients. Also getting gigs from international clients. Ialso find a way to start getting consistennt clients through digital marketing. I will explainn all of these in details in this course.

So late last year, after training over 100 students for free, I got to know that alot of people do not value free knowledge and efforts, So I expanded the course to make it more actionable for people who are willing to take actions now to change their lives instead of waiting for Unreliable humans to come save them. 

What you will learn in this course.

How To Buy Domain & Web Hosting

A Top Secret Website Where You Can Get it Cheaply.

Installation & Customization.

The quickest way to desire a website and get paid 150k.

How To Get Clients

The best ways to get consistent clients.

Secret Website For Tools 

I will show you websites where you can get the tools you need to work for free.

Tools You Need

  • Laptop with internet access.
  • Attentiveness and focus.

Procrastination is  THIEF...

When You See An Opportunity Grab It.

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How To Pay

You can either pay using bank transfer or through your card. Click on your most preferred payment method to get the payment details.

Once you make your payment through bank transfer, fill the form and send proof of payment.

You will be automatically granted access to download the course content after paymet is received.

What You Will Get After Payment

These are what you will get as soon as you make the payment of N2999 {this discount will be removedmin 72hours}.

  1. 1
    Access To 10 Detailed But Concised Video lessons.
  2. 2
    1 Month of Live Support From My Team and I

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create websites with my phone?

yes you can but a laptop is essential because this is a business. 

I am not tech savvy, can I do this?

Yes, you will not be coding, so yes anyone can do this.

Is this a live class?

No, the course are precorded, but we give live classes for our paid students every friday.

I am a student, small business owner, can I do this?

Yes, whether you are 18 or 65 as long as you can drag and drop on a laptop, you can do this.

Do you give support after purchase?

Absolutely, my team and i give 1 month of support.

Can I really make money with this skills?

Yes if only you implement all you will be thought in the lesson.

BILLY FRANCA// Web Designer & Digital Marketer.

Wondering who I am? I am Billy Franca, A Lady who has decided to help herself reach her goals in a strange land through her skills and the grace of God. Want to reach out to me? Then kindly use the chat button below.

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